Friday, 19 August 2011

Biorepair Toothpaste

Posted by Sonia at 10:27:00 am
Every mum knows it can be hard to keep kids away from sugary treats such as fizzy drinks and sweets - and foods high in acid and sugar can cause extensive damage to young teeth.

However, there is a solution - a toothpaste which could protect your children’s teeth continuously from the word go (potentially saying goodbye to fillings for life), Biorepair.

Dr. Girk Baytug, a dentist for over twenty years, explains in the following video/video below the results of a recent study which tested two repairing toothpastes - one being BioRepair - on their ability to repair enamel erosion caused by a soft drink, which showed that BioRepair provides continuous protection against multiple acid attacks throughout the day, keeping little teeth healthy and protected!

This means you can stay safe in the knowledge that your kids' teeth can stay healthy - even if they manage to sneak a treat past you!

Video can be found here if you are having trouble viewing -

I really wish I had heard of this 15 years ago when Liam was small, he had very week teeth and most of them came through with no enamel on them. His second set came through perfectly but he had so much trouble with his first set I wonder whether this would have helped him at all?

I am very very pedantic about teeth... I really think they should be looked after well! So I am going to give this a try on my two little ones as I really want them to have a great set of Gnashers :O) I just found it on Amazon and don't think it is too highly priced at £3.99 especially if it works! There seems to be some great reviews on it too!

Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post.

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