Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Spend Vouchers, Get Rewards!

Posted by Sonia at 1:50:00 pm
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I have had my Tesco Clubcard for many years now (atleast 10) and I always look forward to receiving my Clubcard vouchers to spend in store. You can also use them at Tesco filling stations, online at Tesco.com and Tesco Direct.  I have heard many people talking about using their Clubcard vouchers to buy tickets for day trips or go out for meals but until recently I never looked into it! I really wish I had discovered it sooner!
Did you realise for every £5 you get in Clubcard vouchers you can get up to £20 in reward tokens to spend on days out, eating out and even towards holidays! My favourite restaurant is Pizza Express and for just £5 of my Clubcard vouchers I would get £20 in Pizza Express tokens! There are many other restaurants to choose from such as Ask, Bella Italia & Cafe Rouge.
As well as restaurants there are many many other Clubcard Rewards to choose from; such as Flowers & plants, Cinema tickets & Movie rentals, many many days out, travel, hotel breaks, theatre shows, magazine subscritions and many many more. If there is one good reason to shop at Tesco then I think this is it! I will certainly using my vouchers on Clubcards rewards in future and not wasting them on a bottle of wine ;O)

The kids have been wanting to go to Thomas land at Drayton Manor for a while now; so that is my mission - to get enough rewards to take us there for the day! I think it is absolutely brilliant and everyone must have a Clubcard and cash in on their rewards; if you do your weekly shop at Tesco anyway the points soon mount up and over a year you would get a good amount of vouchers to use.

I also just want to make you aware of your Clubcard account online - here you can view all the vouchers you have earned, which you have spent and which you still have left to spend - so if you have ever lost them you can just go to your Clubcard account and print them off to spend in store or get a code to spend online! I know quite a few people who have done this and been very surprised at how much they had to spend still! Go over now and see if you have any :O) Tesco Clubcard

How about you? Do you use Tesco Clubcard? Have you exchanged yours for rewards? Please do let me know. I'm really interested to see how people spend theirs... 


Anonymous said...

I had totally forgotton about my clubcard until I saw something online about how you can still redeem unused points so I logged on and sorted all the details out and found out I had £45 of points! This was pre xmas so in the Clubcard exchange in store I managed to buy a great amount of pressie as it worked out at £90!! ACE! X

helen on 7 February 2012 at 18:10 said...

I was pleasantly surprised that I had £25 of unspent vouchers in my account which I've just bought 3 Madame Tussaud tickets with!

Mummybird on 7 February 2012 at 21:49 said...

We save our vouchers and we buy our AA car cover each year with them and we also use them for days out with the children. :)

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